About Us

Ethics Made Easy®

In a world where the public is constantly demanding greater transparency from the government and private business, Ethos LLC stands out for providing expert guidance in meeting those demands while still protecting proprietary and personal financial information.

Today’s Executives and Managers have a tremendous workload. “Doing more with less” in the face of increasing statutory and regulatory requirements and decreasing budgets puts a strain on them and their staff. Ethos provides consulting services on establishing model ethics and compliance programs and streamlining the forms preparation and review processes, thus giving management more time to spend on their primary business.

Unfettered by Party or Political Correctness, Ethos’ team of experts, combing two centuries of experience, will provide focused guidance on the rules, AND how managers and (employees) can ensure a career safety hatch when confronted by the need to engage in questionable behavior. We also provide follow-up coaching as needed. Each professional staff member has decades of experience in all aspects of the ethics field, including conflicts of financial interest, standards of conduct, rules-based and values-based ethics training, conflict resolution, disciplinary procedures, and development of on-line reporting requirements.