Beware the Law . . . of Unintended Consequences

March 29th, 2013 5:36 pm

A law firm recently sued over what it believed to be defamatory remarks, only to have the lawsuit, and the objectionable remarks, plastered all over the internet, reaching an immensely wider readership than was the case before the lawsuit.

Federal employees, including supervisors, should also beware the “law” of unintended consequences! Supervisors who have failed to document poor performance or misconduct, and then seek to take remedial or disciplinary action, may find themselves in the cross-hairs, instead of the errant employees. The so-called “No FEAR” Act imposes legal requirements that many managers are unaware of, and its WHISTLEBLOWER PROTECTION provisions can be a minefield for the uninformed.

Let ETHOS help you navigate these tricky areas. Our team, with more than a century of combined experience, including Judges, Ethics Officers, and professional Trainers, are a keystroke or a phone call away.