Our Professional Team

TJ Sullivan TJ Sullivan

TJ is a seasoned executive who is excited by helping others, both inside and outside Ethos achieve their professional goals in an ethical and responsible manner. Read more >
Ted Tymcayszyn Theodore J. Tymczyszyn
Director of Administration and Marketing

Ted keeps Ethos running smoothly. Read more >
Jim Green James S. Green
Senior Ethics Advisor

Jim specializes in Human Resources, EEO/Diversity, Ethics and Federal Policy. He is a gifted public speaker, sought after for his wit and wisdom. Read more >
Arnold Haiman Arnold Haiman
Senior Ethics Advisor
Arnie is a world-class speaker having lectured internationally on topics including ethical decision-making, anti-corruption initiatives, constitutional law, judicial process, and administrative law. Read more >
Alice Hewitt Alice C. Hewitt
Senior Ethics Advisor
Alice is our “go to” Advisor for leadership skills and strategic thinking. Read more >
Marc Owen Marc C. Owen
Senior Ethics Advisor
Marc brings his complete understanding of federal ethics statutes, regulations, and procedures to the Ethos team. Read more >
Ray Sheehan Raymond J. Sheehan
Senior Ethics Advisor

Ray is an award-winning lecturer and speaker, known for his ability to explain complex issues in a comprehensible manner using storytelling, history, and his penchant for off-beat humor and love of good irony. Read more >
John Szabo John Szabo
Senior Ethics Advisor
John is a highly respected member of the Ethics Community having served as co-chair of the Interagency Ethics Council, which is composed of ethics counselors from across the Federal government. Read more >
Jill Tjossem Jill A. Tjossem
Senior Ethics Specialist
Jill’s attention to detail is a great asset to the team. Her specialty is unearthing conflicts of interest that look harmless to the untrained eye. Read more >