James S. Green

Jim Green Horse 2013Senior Ethics Advisor

Jim specializes in Human Resources, EEO/Diversity, Ethics and Federal Policy. He is a gifted public speaker, sought after for his wit and wisdom.

As a Senior Ethics Advisor for Ethos and independently as a Human Resources and Ethics Legal Consultant, Jim Green has served as a consultant and counsel to a number of clients including Federal agencies, management consulting companies, ethics consulting organizations, and educational entities. Mr. Green has strong dual discipline expertise in human resources policy and operations, as well as extensive experience in Federal sector EEO and labor/employee relations, legal analysis, and litigation advice and counsel. Jim offers broad ethics and procurement experience from service as the Designated Agency Ethics Official and senior procurement counsel for the Federal Government’s human resources policy agency. He is in demand as a speaker on EEO, Diversity and litigation avoidance. He is also expert in developing corporate Diversity Plans. Jim received a Senior Executive Service Rank Award from President George Bush in 2005. He holds a BS degree (cum laude) from Boston University and a JD from the Georgetown University Law Center.