Theodore J. Tymczyszyn

Director of Administration and Marketing

Ted TymcayszynTed keeps Ethos running smoothly.

Ted Tymczyszyn is responsible for managing all aspects of Ethos’ business. He manages the day to day operations as well as long term planning. He prepares the budget and manages accounts receivable/payable. As Director of Administration he is also conducts employee scheduling, payroll, performance appraisals/promotions, and terminations. Ted coordinates all contracts from the RFP stage, through proposal preparation/submission, to final approval and closeout. He is a skilled manager/supervisor who steps in to help with the process flow of the work products. His IT skill is unsurpassed within the company. He is definitely the “go to” guy when it comes to technology. Ted has helped move the company from traditional approaches to embracing the latest technology. Ted is an active member of the community, having served as the Co-Chair of the Concert for Life since 2008, which supports local underfunded HIV/AIDS services providers. Ted holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration.