Audit and Compliance

Audits are a necessary and important part of any Ethics or Compliance Program. Whether you are facing an impending audit or simply wish to assure that your program meets all requirements, Ethos has a proven track record of helping managers prepare for audits by Federal oversight agencies. We assure that all statutory and regulatory requirements are met. We make it easy for auditors to review your program and assure themselves that it is being conducted properly. In those instances where auditors have found deficiencies, Ethos is prepared to step in to assist you in bringing your program up to standard. Our goal is to help you establish your program as a model that others may look up to.

Compliance for Federal Contractors, Grantee Institutions and Non-Profits

Whether you represent a grantee institution, a Federal contractor, or a non-profit organization, Ethos is expert in reviewing your compliance program to identify potential conflicts of interest and assisting you in taking corrective action. We are ready to assist you at every step of the way, from setting up a new program, establishing policies and procedures, reviewing financial disclosure reports, to conducting impartial compliance reviews that will help you to refine your program.