Financial Disclosures

Preparing Federal Public and Confidential Financial Disclosure Reports. Filling out financial disclosure reports is challenging for those individuals who are new to the requirements, have unusually complex finances, or have competing demands on their time. In the past, many busy executives appended their brokerage statements to their OGE 278, Public Financial Disclosure Report. With the advent of the STOCK Act, that is no longer a wise strategy. Ethos can help prepare financial disclosures to meet new and impending requirements. Ethos is available to assist those individuals in preparing both public and confidential financial disclosures quickly and accurately.

Reviewing Federal Public, Confidential and Related Financial Disclosure Reports. The review of financial disclosures is a cyclical event. Many organizations do not wish to maintain a staff year-round in order to meet the peak workload. It makes financial sense to bring in knowledgeable staff on a seasonal basis to meet these needs. Ethos provides temporary staff that understands your requirements and can ease the workload by assisting you in preparing for annual filing cycles, reviewing financial disclosure reports and related forms, and recommending remedial actions if necessary.

Preparing Financial Disclosure Reports for Grantee and Contractor/Subcontractor employees as required by Federal Regulations. The FAR and federal regulations have imposed new public reporting requirements for certain classes of individuals doing business with the federal government. Ethos understands the regulatory requirements and can help you provide only the information required and to prepare it in the appropriate format.

Reviewing Financial Disclosure Reports for Grantee and Contractor/Subcontractor employees as required by Federal Regulations. Ethos can provide expert assistance in reviewing financial disclosure reports required by the federal regulations assuring that they meet statutory and regulatory requirements, that conflicts of interest are identified, and that the employing entity is protected.

Reviewing State and Local Financial Disclosure Reports. With limited budgets state and local governments will find that outsourcing the review of financial disclosure reports to be a cost effective way to stretch fiscal and HR resources. Ethos has extensive experience in the total review cycle from identifying filers, tracking submissions, reviewing financial disclosure reports, and making recommendations for further actions if necessary.

Reviewing Private Sector Financial Disclosure Reports. Whether you represent a grantee institution, a Federal contractor, or a non-profit organization, Ethos is highly experienced in reviewing your financial disclosure reports to identify potential conflicts of interest and assisting you in taking corrective action. If your company does business with the government, we assure that your financial disclosure system is in full compliance with applicable requirements.

Electronic Filing Systems Development. Governmental filing requirements are complex. Ethos professionals have been instrumental in the development of electronic financial disclosure reporting systems for large and small federal agencies. We are experts in setting comprehensive requirements. This assures that the systems are programmed properly in the first place, thus minimizing major re-programming in the future; that filers are guided to fill out the forms properly the first time; and, that reviewers are not faced with multiple follow-up questions before certifying the forms.